7 Summits Winter Roofing, Gutter and HVAC Preparation Tips

Prepare Your Roof for Winter in Colorado Springs

Wet cold  and snowy days can take a toll on your roof. A roof inspection before the cold of winter hits could give you a few clues about the condition of your roof.  An on the ground inspection of your roof may reveal a few key insights into the condition of your roof and give you an indication of any major problems.

If you notice curled shingles, loose flashing, any pooling water or stains where water may have sat for several days then a pre-winter roofing inspection by the professional and experienced team at 7 Summits Roofing company may be in order.

Pre-winter inspections and repairs can save you money and the headache of a roofing issue in the middle of winter. If snow is on your roof when you discover a problem then the necessary work and repairs may be delayed until it clears. Autumn is a great time to perform routine maintenance tasks and to inspect your roof for signs of wear and tear.

Check Your Roof’s Shingles

It is a good idea to walk around your home and glance up at the roof and see if there are any obvious problems. If you notice missing or curled shingles or a number of damaged shingles it would be wise contact a roofing professional for a more detailed inspection. If over the course of the wet season you have noticed an unusual amount of grit from your shingles present on the ground or in run off water then this is  a sign that a roofing inspection is in order.

Additionally, your pre winter self roof inspection may reveal uneven shed of your shingles grain or large pocks which could indicate hail damage from the spring and summer seasons. A professional roofer will be able to do an on roof assessment. The inspector can then provide you with an accurate assessment of the roof’s condition as well as a quote for any necessary repairs. This will help to determine how your roofing will stand up for the winter.

The valleys of your roof are the areas which are naturally more prone to leakage. As you inspect and clear these areas check for any weaknesses like curling or cracks. If you suspect you might have a problem 7 Summits Roofing company offers a free inspection to determine the extent, if any, of your roofing problem

Clear Debris from Your Roof

Valleys in your roof may collect leaves and branches over the course of a season. Clearing these will improve the longevity or your roof by allowing any moisture to dry and the roof to naturally shed snow when winter arrives. Limbs that may have fallen from adjacent areas can trap additional debris and moisture which if left over the course of a snowy season could infiltrate small cracks and create bigger issues at deeper level in your roof.

If a nearby tree is raining limbs and leaves on your roof you may want to trim it back before winter arrives. A nearby and overhanging branch could become too heavy with ice or snow and damage your roof in a way that could be catastrophic. Consider a trim before the cold settles in to protect your roof and your family.

Clean Your Gutters

You will also want to clear your gutter system. Standing water can be a hazard to your roof and by removing branches, leaves and making a clear path in the gutters you will be ensuring that snow melt will have the best route off your roof. If water stands it may freeze and then expand.

Once this ice and the freeze thaw cycle enters into cracks in the shingles it can cause damage to your roof that won’t be evident to you until larger issues crop up as the problem compounds. Double check your down spout entry and exit to make sure runoff doesn’t stand and freeze.

Ice dams can be a problem if the water shed is restricted by clogged downspouts. Create a clear path for snowmelt to get off your roof quickly. Ice dams can erode the integrity of your roof as it freezes, melts and refreezes.

Clearing all debris from your roof and cleaning the gutters along with checking the drainage on the downspout between the major seasons will help ensure your  roof achieves its full life expectancy.

Check Your  Flashing

Flashing is the piece aluminum metal on your roof at the edge of the shingles. It helps protect the edge between the shingles and your sub roofing material. Flashing can be a problem area and it is often the most common cause of leaks and damage. The high winds often associated with winter storms in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region can cause the flashing to lift away your roof and become loose or even worse detached.

A visual inspection of your flashing will help you check for any problem areas you may have overlooked while enjoying the summer. Since the flashing is a major structural piece of your roof it is important for you to have a professional roofer assess the condition of any flashing you have noticed that is loose, torn or ripped away from the roof.

Flashing repairs are generally a low cost roof repair item in comparison to a full roof replacement. Flashing repairs pay off big for keeping snow, ice and moisture away from the sub layers of your roof. 7 Summits Roofing company in Colorado Springs can help you make flashing repairs that are quick and economical so you can have a winter filled with the comfort of knowing your roof is sound and in good repair.

HVAC Inspection

It is a good idea to go ahead and have your HVAC inspected before the true cold of winter strikes. The professionals at 7 Summits Roofing company do more than roofs and gutters, they can inspect and repair HVAC units in homes and business. Go ahead and check your units  before the cold strikes.

Make sure your ducts are clear. You may want the inspection to include a static pressure airflow test. The test can determine how well the heat from your furnace is being delivered to all the rooms in your home. It is a good plan to check for any areas of condensation on the pipes related to your HVAC units in order to make sure you won’t have any freezing issues as the season deepens. Most laymen might be at a loss when it comes to inspecting a HVAC unit beyond these easy to locate issues.

If you noticed any problems in the previous season or want complete assurance that your unit is ready for the worse then contact a professional HVAC certified member of the team at 7 Summits Roofing to schedule and appointment before the cold strikes and you find your unit is out of order.

Enjoy a peace of mind knowing your roof is sound for the winter. Contact 7 Summits Roofing company in Colorado Springs at 719-432-8169 for a free roofing inspection to learn about any problem areas on your roof and to get them corrected before severe weather strikes.

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