Hail Damage to Your Roof, Don’t Despair!

Keeping your roof in top condition and inspecting it annually as well as after the severe hail storms that have cropped up in recent times across Colorado Springs will help you avoid structural deterioration that may cause leaks. Half dollar size hail struck Colorado Springs, CO on July 16, 2014. The hail storm continued for roughly 3 hours. 12,856 structures in the area were affected.

How did your roof fair? Have you inspected your roof for hail damage since this event or since you didn’t experience any problems, did you assume your roof had no hail damage?

A professional roof inspection from the roofing team at 7 Summits Roofing company can help you find out what you need to do after a hail storm has passed. They can point out any hail damage and provide an estimate for repair.

7 Summits Roofing Company will inspect your roof for 3 major signs of hail damage:

  • Granules Missing from the Shingles
    Bruised or Cracked Shingles
    Missing Shingles & Exposed, Black Substrate

If a professional inspection reveals that you have hail damage on your roof then it should be repaired. In many cases hail damage can be evident. But, often the case is that over the course of time the event that caused the damage is long past but the continual breakdown of your roof has not passed. As hail hits your roof it causes different types of damage to different types of materials.

A damaged shingle may wear more over time without repair and eventually allow water to seep into the sub layer areas of your roof causing deep issues over time. The deterioration of underlying areas that are not visible will continue and the overall stability and integrity of your roof will decline. The end result of a neglected hail damaged  roof could result in you having to have a full roof replacement.

Roof replacement will cost much more over the cost of repairing hail damage to your roof now. If your roof has not been professionally inspected since the last hail storm event in Colorado Springs then call for a free roofing inspection to get the facts on the true condition of your roof.

Hail damage on your roof may not seem significant to you at first. But consider what happens over time when hail damage is left to worsen without repair. Over time a hail damaged roof will be weaker and less capable of resisting the impacts of future hail storms and the types of severe weather that your roof  in Colorado Springs receives.

  • Exterior Shingles Continue to Wear and Weaken
  • Substrate Becomes Exposed
  • Shingle’s Water Shed Diminishes
  • Water Can Reach Roof Fasteners
  • Butted Joints Break Down
  • Water Enters the Interior Areas of Your Roof

Winter conditions produce snow fall and snow melt. Your roof sees moisture year round. Neglected hail damage left in disrepair will over the course of  a winter worsen. Day conditions allow for moisture to penetrate hail damaged roof areas and overnight that will freeze. The expansion and constriction of roofing materials over a few months could result in roof replacement in the spring.

Don’t let the first rain and a leaking roof be the first knowledge you have of your roof’s overall condition. Hail damaged roof’s can be repaired at a fair price and your home owners insurance will most likely cover the cost. An insurance claim for a roof replacement that is necessary because of  neglect after the initial hail damage could be under or uncovered. Repair your hail damaged roof today because the cost of not could in the end be too great.

To learn more about Hail Damage in Colorado Springs, CO contact 7 Summits Roofing Company at (719) 453-1317 We serve Colorado Springs, Teller County, Monument and El Paso County.  Schedule your roof inspection today.

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