Ice Dams Endanger Your Roof

The deep of winter will hit Colorado Springs soon. Heavy snow falls, warming day temperatures and freezing cold nights could lead to dangerous and destructive ice dams on your roof. Ice dams are the result of snow that has turned to water and as it attempted to drain off of your roof, it froze on the overhang areas of your roof.

This dam of ice will allow water to get trapped under your roof shingles and it will cause leaks to happen inside of your home. If you don’t have a properly installed ice and water shield membrane you could have roof damage and leaks. As snow cover, heat loss through your roof and outside temperatures interact you could be in store for damage to your roof and gutters. 7 Summits Roofing company in Colorado Springs knows how ice dams can damage your roof. Use this short guide to understand and prevent ice dams from harming your roof.

Long Term Ice Dam Problems

Down the road you cold see the following issues as a result of ice dams that have been left to their own devices.

  • Rotting Roof Decking
  • Rafters along with Exterior & Interior Wall Framing Rot
  • Respiratory Illnesses Caused by Growing Mold
  • Roof & Gutter Damage from Ice Dams Breaking Away
  • Blistering and Peeling Paint

Most Common Ice Dam Locations

Ice dams as little as one inch thick can cause you and your roof problems. After heavy snowfalls and a period of warmer temperatures followed by colder or persistently cold temperatures check these problem areas to see if you have any ice dams that could damage your roof.

  • Edge of your Roof
  • Behind the Gutter on the Facia Board
  • Exterior Wall Surface & Siding
  • In or Against your Gutters
  • Through the Soffit vents or the Soffit Itself

How to Prevent Ice Dams and Roof Damage

As the melted water runs down the roof it will refreeze and clog up gutters. The  more the snow melts, the more the gutters become blocked. Once the runoff is blocked by the formation of the ice dam then the water is forced  under the shingles where it can leak into the house.

Get snow off the roof. If it is a heavy snow fall and you don’t expect it to melt without forming ice dams then you can hire a professional snow removal service.

Gutters need to be cleaned bi-annually. Ice dams love blocked gutters and downspouts. Cleaning your gutters means you will leave a free route for melting snow to leave your roof before it can refreeze and form an ice dam on your roof’s overhang. A clean gutter system is a good defense against damage to your roof. A through cleaning of your gutters in the fall could save you from having to have them replaced or reinstalled come spring.

Longer-term Prevention

If you are replacing your roof in Colorado Springs then Seven Summits Roofing can help you install a water-repellant membrane. This membrane will lay underneath your shingles and it will act as an extra barrier to help prevent water from seeping inside your home or into the sub-layers of your roofing materials.

Insurance Claims for Ice Dam Roof Damage

Consider the fact that property owners are held responsible for preventive maintenance. If you have to make an insurance claim because ice dams have damaged your roof then you will want to be able to show you have made your best effort to prevent ice dams from forming.

Keep in mind that the cost of snow removal and gutter cleaning and proper gutter installation will be considerably less than the cost of roof damage or property damage to your home’s interior caused ice dams that resulted in water leaks.

Seven Summits Roofing in Colorado Springs can help you with roofing repairs that need to be taken care of due to damage from ice dams. We can help you with insurance claims, gutter installation and even help you decide on the best winter roofing materials for the Colorado Springs, Monument, Manitou Springs, Teller and El Paso County winters.

Our experience lets us help you make the right roofing decisions so your roof is in good repair all year long.