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Metal roofs are one of the best investment decision you can make for your home.

Metal Roof Installation Colorado

When you need a new roof for your home or business, you should consider a metal roof. Metal roofing is becoming more popular. Metal roofing is eco-friendly, low maintenance and cost effective from a long term energy saving and overall longevity perspective. Eco-friendly consumers have started to take notice of metal roofing because metal can be recycled. Copper and aluminum roofing materials containing over 95 percent recycled content can be found. In addition, most metals can be recycled more than once without losing their most valuable properties. Metal roofs are very energy efficient little to no ongoing maintenance.


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Guide for Metal Roofs in Colorado

We have written this comprehensive guide to metal roofs for our Colorado customers that are interested in installing a metal roof on their home or commercial building.

Metal vs. Traditional Shingle Roofs

Metal roofs have reflective qualities that move the sun’s heat away from your home and building. Energy savings of around 50% are achievable. Many might be surprised to learn that a metal roof’s surface temperature can be about 100 degrees cooler than traditional asphalt roofs. Shingled roofs will also over time become weaker and shingles may curl and crack which can weaken the entire integrity of the roof allowing it to become less of a barrier to wind, rain and other elemental and environmental factors.

This means that a shingle roof does not have the same longevity and durability as a metal roof. Not only will your shingled roof need to be replaced sooner but it will also need more maintenance. Metal roofing is more modern, more energy efficient and more cost effective over time.

Advantages of Metal Roofing

Your choice of metal roofing can in the long run be a better investment over traditional asphalt type shingles with its added durability, energy efficiency features and overall longevity. Metal roofs are one of the best investment decision you can make for your home, commercial operations and agricultural facilities. It could be the last roof you ever have to buy.

Because of these advantages, and the variety of looks now available for metal roofs, they are becoming very popular in the Pikes Peak region. The life cycle cost will be lower over typical asphalt shingle roofs that can eventually break and wear down. Metal roofs are environmentally friendly being made with recycled material and they resist damage form air born debris, hail and high winds.

Metal Roofing Cost

If you have been considering a metal roof but have heard that the cost are high then consider the long term advantages. While metal roofing prices can initially cost two to three times more over conventional asphalt roofs, some consumers find them a preferred alternative. Initially metal roofing is a larger materials and installation investment than traditional shingles. The long term saving add up with tax credits, premium reductions and discounts along with warranties that can offset the initial costs. Added benefits include fireproof abilities, very low to little maintenance and reduced cooling costs.

Materials, Colors and Styles

A wide variety of materials, styles, finishes and color options are available. Those who choose metal roofing have the advantage of being able to select different profiles and textures which include have feels similar to asphalt, slate and wood. All types are flexible, durable and are popular for residential and commercial builds as well existing structures.

Metal roofs can improve the appearance of buildings allowing them to more easily blend into the landscape, tone of the area or nearby homes. A large variety of finishes can be added to the base material to enhance and improve a building’s beauty and the overall quality of the material. Strong lines and other eye appealing potential architectural features make metal roofing attractive, stylish and contemporary.

Popular sheet metals used in roofing include cooper, galvanized steel, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and others. These materials can give a roof a whole new level of distinction. Partial metal roofing is also an option for decks and areas of the home that have greater solar intensity and would benefit from the reflective qualities of metal roofing. Metal roofing continues to become more and more popular with time for its architectural appeal, sustainability and long term lower costs.

Durable Against Fire, Hail and Wind

Metal roofing is tested for fire resistance, hail durability and resiliency against flying debris and high winds. Not only will metal roofs not combust but they can reduce the way a fire might spread and it is less susceptible to flying embers which can help mitigate the ability of a fire to spread across buildings.

Metal is a highly durable material and has shown great abilities to resist weather that can range from ice and snow storms to hail and wind storms. It is built to last with added top coats, primer treatments, metallic coatings and steel. Remember this may be the last roof you have to buy because of its extreme solidity and its ability to withstand environmental factors that are known to more quickly degrade other types of roofing materials.

Energy Efficient/ Made of Recycled Material /Green Friendly

Your roof is one of the greatest factors which impacts the amount of energy you use in your home or building. Asphalt shingles are highly heat absorbent. Today, metal qualifies as a cool roof product. Lower energy cost are associated with the lightly colored metal. Metal roofing allows heat to be reflected away from the roof. Traditional roofing materials allow heat to be absorbed by the roof.

A building will continue to absorb heat into the internal at structure and can increase the indoor temperature by 20 to 25 degrees. Modern, energy-efficient metal roofing acts as a giant mirror by reflecting the heat and energy up into the air. A white or light-colored metal surface reflects best. As a continually emerging market steel roofs are now even seeing some newly developed “cool colors” to send the rays away even better. Reflective roofs have been shown to save up to 40% in the cooling cost.

At least 25% of metal roofs are comprised of recycled metals which means metal roofs can be classified as “green” and a recycled content product. Building that are certified as green building are considered to be “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) ” qualified. Metal roofs are also included on the EPA’s Energy Star Roof products program.

In addition to being energy efficient, metal roofing is recognized as a sustainable building material for several other environmental reasons. As a green building product, metal roofing is 100% recyclable. When metal roofing is removed during demolition or renovation it can be 100% recycled over being disposed of as often happens to other roofing materials.

Routine removal of roofs across the county usually results in those materials being taken for disposal to a landfill at a rate of tons each year. Metal roofing is entirely recyclable.

You can claim recyclable content and 100% recyclables when steel roofing is engaged on a building. It is not only better for the environment but it can add an additional level of environmental consciousness and responsibility to your day. You will be investing in a superior product that is better for the environment because it uses recycled materials.

Advantages of Metal Roofs

  • Will never end up in a land fill; as metal always has, and always will be considered worth recycling.
  • Metal roofs are extremely durable and can withstand storm winds, heavy rain, extreme sun and other damaging weather.
  • Reduced air pollutants.
  • Possible tax credits from federal, state and local governments.
  • Potential insurance savings for using metal roofs.
  • Adds beauty to your home.
  • Saves you on maintenance costs.
  • Outlasts other roofing types.
  • Outlasts asphalt shingles by decades.
  • Cost of ownership over time is less than any other type of roof,
  • Has inherent energy saving benefits. Allows less heat transfer, saving you money on heating and cooling your home.

Myths of Metal Roofs


A metal roof will not increase the likelihood of lightning striking your home. However, if your home were hit by lightning, your metal roof would disperse the energy safely throughout the structure.

Fire Resistant

Metal roofs also have a reduced fire hazard as compared with other materials. Because metal isn’t combustible or flammable, it’s a low risk and desirable roofing option where severe weather or floating embers from fire is concerned.


A common misconception is that a metal roof will be noisier than other types of roofing. When installed with solid sheathing, a metal roof on your home will actually silence noise from rain, hail and bad weather.

Dents and Durability

In most cases, a metal roof can withstand decades of abuse from extreme weather like hail, high winds, and heavy snow. Today’s systems also have a 150-mph wind rating (equal to an F2 tornado), meaning your metal roof is also safe from wind gusts that can accompany hail storms.

Metal Roof Contractors in Colorado

Value-conscious building owners who seek long-term roofing and cost-effective solutions will find that steel roofing is an advanced roofing option that combines beauty, performance, energy savings and longevity benefits.

Home owners and builders are increasingly making metal roofs a more standard choice. 7 Summits Roofing is here to answer all of your questions related to steel roofs and to serve your roofing needs now or in the future. While every type of roofing material has it pros and cons, metal roofing does as well.

Talk to an expert at 7 Summits Roofing to decide how metal roofing could be the right solution to your needs.

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