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You may have found yourself wondering how long your roof will last. It is important to know the life span of your roof so that you can prepare for replacement in advance. It isn’t easy to simply look at your roof and determine if it has 5 years or 10 years left before it needs to be replaced.

Roof Replacement: The Lifespan of Your Roof

If you know the materials that were used and when your home or building’s roof was last replaced then you can estimate a ball park number for a roof replacement time frame. A number of others factors, such as the conditions your roof endures play into the lifespan of the materials listed below. But, overall the life expectancy of your roof is determined by the materials that are used.

 Life Expectancy Estimates for Roofing Materials

  • Asphalt Shingles. 3-tab – 15-18 Years
  • Asphalt Shingles, Architectural- 24-30 Years
  • Fiberglass Shingles – 50 Years
  • Metal Roofs – 30-45 Years
  • Concrete Tile – 35-40 Years
  • Stone Tile – 40 Years
  • Built-Up or Modified Bitumen -10-16
  • EPDM (rubber) – 10-16 Years Flat Roofs
  • Wood and Shake Shingles – 30 Years
  • Steel- 50 Years
  • Copper – 100 Years

High quality roofing materials will give your roof a long lifespan. But, before you assume that you don’t need to think about a roof replacement because of the materials used on your roof consider the fact that other adverse conditions can cause these materials to deteriorate more quickly. A roof inspection by7 Summits Roofing company of Colorado Springs will be the best way to determine if you need new roof.

The design of your roof, the climate where your roof endures extremes such as hail, heavy snow falls, high winds and a good bit of heat can be strong factors which could diminish the lifespan of high quality roofing materials more quickly. Harsh climates like Colorado Springs, Colorado can see severe weather with cold winters and hot summer. Additionally, large swings in temperatures over a 24 hour period are tough on your roof. The expansion and the contraction of your roofing materials can cause it to need a roof replacement more quickly. Contact the professional team at 7 Summits Roofing company to get an experience and highly qualified opinion on how soon or even if you need a new roof.

These additional factors could shorten the life of your roof

  • Color – Dark roofs absorb more heat = Shorter Life
    Roof Pitch – Low pitched roof = Shorter Life
    Orientation of Roof – South facing slopes get more sunlight = Shorter Life
    Multiple Layer Roof – Roof installed over a roof = Shorter Life
    Tree Branches – Acidity and Accumulation of Debris = Shorter Life

It’s Time for  a Roof Replacement Soon

  • Thinning Surface Granules and Patchy or Bare Areas on your Roof.
  • Excessive Granule Shedding in your Downspout and Runoff Areas.
  • Brittle Shingle Tabs Are Obvious
  • Leaks and/or Water Stains on Ceilings and Walls
  • Curling and Cracking Shingles
  • Chunks of Shingles o the Ground and in Gutters

7 Summits Roofing strongly encourages you to get an accurate opinion of your roof’s current remaining lifespan before it is too late. Additional structural and heavy water damage could greatly increase the expense of a new roof. Any type of dripping is a good bet you may have waited too long already. An experienced 7 Summits Roofing company team member is always happy to drop by for an inspection so that you can find out the facts about how much longer your roof will last.

If the life expectancy of your roof is over then they will be able to determine the best materials and prepare an estimate quickly so you know how much longer you have and what it will cost to replace your roof. Most homeowners stay with the roofing materials already on their homes. But many options are available to improve the life of your roof with newer material and options for color and weight that can fit your budget and add durability to your new roof.

7 Summits Roofing understands your concerns and needs when it comes to putting a new roof on your home. Contact us today at 719-453- 1317 and we can walk you through the process, provide an accurate roof replacement estimate and ease any concerns you might have about materials and cost.

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