Roofing Materials Guide

Confused by all the different roofing materials?  Read our quick guide to help you learn more about what is available for today’s homeowner in roofing materials.

7 Summits Roofing has a wide variety of roofing materials available.  We are experts at determining what type of roof is best for your specific installation – whether it is commercial roofing or residential roofing.

Type of Roofing Material

  • Versico TPO, PVC and EPDM products
  • Carlisle PVC
  • Duro-Last TPO
  • Hydrostop Elastomeric Coatings
  • Standing Seam Metal products

More Details about Roofing Material

EPDM: A synthetic rubber membrane (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) available in black and white that is available in several roll sizes. It comes in standard 45 mil and 60 mil thickness although other thicknesses are available The system can be mechanically attached, fully adhered or ballasted with the seams of the material sealed with liquid adhesives or special formulated tape.

TPO: An eco-friendly (thermoplastic polyolefin). It comes in white, tan and grey. Custom colors are available upon request. It is highly reflective for reduced energy costs and has a great Energy Star rating. It’s available in several roll sizes with standard thicknesses of 45mil and 60mil. The system can be mechanically attached or fully adhered with the seams of the material heat welded to achieve a one piece finished product.

PVC: A (Polyvinyl Chloride) sheet that contains plasticizers and stabilizer’s as well as additives to achieve flexibility. It’s offered in different sheet sizes and thicknesses from 45mil to 90mil. A great system for restaurants as PVC is highly resistant to animal fats and oils produced and deposited on the roof through cooking vents. The system can be mechanically fastened or fully adhered with the seams of the material heat welded as with TPO systems.

Hydrostop Elastomeric Coatings: A very light flexible UV resistant system with fully reinforced polyester fiber matt enclosed in two layers of elastomeric compound and an additional two layers of finish coat. The system is a liquid applied product that is formulated on the roof. The base coats are brushed on and the finish layers can be brushed or sprayed on. A very cost effective system with an extremely high resistance to hail and wind when applied over an appropriate substrate.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing: A custom sized metal roofing product with roof panels usually cut to length from eave to ridge to attain one solid piece from top to bottom. The panel is attached with screws and plates that are hidden when the next piece is installed over them. There are no rubber grommets to deteriorate and leak. The system comes in standard 22 and 24ga material usually 12” ,16” or 18” wide with ribs on each side. Several colors are available with a standard Kynar 500 or Galvalume finish that is incorporated in the manufacturing process.

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