Why Class 4 Impact Shingles?

We get a lot of questions at 7 Summits Roofing about Class 4 shingles in both Colorado Springs, CO and Omaha, NE.  Here are 3 Reasons you need to know about Class 4 Impact Shingles before you have a new roof installed in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Why class 4 shingles for roofing in Colorado Springs, CO?

Class 4 impact shingles are more expensive than traditional 30-year shingles however; they are an upgrade that provides some advantages. We recommend this type of roofing shingle on a regular basis for the following reasons:

  • Class 4 shingles are tested by a method that conforms to UL-2218 standard testing. This means they are made to withstand a simulated hailstorm, with hail stones hitting the roof at 90 mph. This reduces the chance of having to replace your roof from a typical hailstorm.
  • Many insurance companies will discount your homeowner’s policy premium if you have a class 4 impact shingle. Often times the lower insurance premium will offset the higher cost of the class 4 shingle in two to three years, which will result in long term savings.
  • In summary, we recommend using a class 4 rated shingle as they usually lower premiums and can withstand a typical hailstorm. Since they last longer, they can save you the out of pocket expense like insurance deductibles that occur when replacing a roof due to hail and possible premium savings too.
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